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I think the most funniest thing on the world is go on a vacation trip with your best friend. No matter where you are, its always fun with you best friend. And thats whats matter no?? Make fun at your vacation trip. Next year i’ll go to spain with my lovely lovely best friend and maybe my boyfriend too! And you? Let me know :) You like this pic? Retweet it! You love my blog? Follow it! I follow back, pinky promise :)))

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http://wallflooweerr.tumblr.com -> So so so in love with this blog! Oh, i found this picture on this lovely blog and i really loved it because i’m a travel girl. I always go the California,Spain,Brazil.. A lot of places with the plain. You love it? You reblog it! You love my blog? You follow it! I follow back, i promise, pinky promise ! :)) Kiss kiss

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Oh i’ll always do the same in the car haha. Always with my favorite book in the car and my favorite Starbucks coffee. Do you look books and coffee too? Retweet babe and don’t forget to click on the follow bottom :)) I follow back, promise! Kiss Kiss

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So beautiful! Natural virgin hair. I have virgin hair too and i’ll keep it like this forever. Okay no, when i get older and get white hair i would paint it brown. Or black?? Hmm i don’t know guys. Do you love this hair too? Go reblog it and if you think my blog looks great you can click the follow button :) I follow back babe’s, pinky promise :) Kiss kiss

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Ohh those flowers are so cute! I love purple. Do you like it too? In the city i live you you can’t find flowers like these. Pff, so sad haha. They are very very beautiful. You like it too? Reblog it babeee! (:

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Oh my god, i need this on my wall. Haha, do anyone knows where i can find this? This is so cute and simple and beautiful. I’m really in love with this. Oh btw, retweet something and maybe follow me! I promise, i follow back.. :)) Kiss kiss

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How older, how more this women become beautiful. In my eyes, this woman is the most beautiful and the most perfect woman in the world. So much love for you queen B!!

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Today i’m going to tell you more about myself. My name is Naomi and i live in Netherlands. I’m a city girl. I love to see a lot of people because when i see a lot of people i don’t feel lonely. But i also love the country.. When i have a lot of stress and i want to think about things, i want to be alone, feel the silence and peace. If this place existed in my town, i would always be there. A human needs to feel peace and relax sometimes.

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I want a dog like this oh my godddd

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this looks so perf, want to be here too :( Sadness

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This body is just heaven touch. I’m serious. Mother of good, i’m going to cry :(((

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This is boy is kinda cute. Kinda too cute. Yes guys, i really like him.

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Summer is here. Your white skin soon will be brown. Your eyes will be lighter in the sun. The water of the sea is going to let your hair look lighter. Enjoy it, its the most beautiful time of the year.

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